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19th July 2024 

About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy offers a confidential arena
within which we may explore ourselves, our
relationships and our ways of being in the world,
and how we make meaning of ourselves in the world.

This is achieved through supportive dialogue with another, the therapist.

The goals of therapy are expanded capacities for
choice, self-determination and the ability to relate
through an increased awareness of the self.

We may use therapy to reflect on and come to
understand patterns of thought, feeling and relating,
behaviour that we find painful, frustrating or problematic,
or to support aspects of personal development.

The issues we bring might include: life changes
and transitions, like losing a loved one,
unexplained feelings of anxiety,
rage or depression.

Therapy can be very helpful in dealing with addictive behaviours, phobias,trauma associated with sexual, physical or psychological abuse, and bereavement.

It can also be helpful in dealing with the feelings associated with divorce and separation.

We may also make use of therapy to develop a broader
perspective and range of options in some specific area, or at a decisive stage in our lives.