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19th July 2024 

Ways of Working

Individual Psychotherapy
takes place between the client and the therapist.
Each therapeutic relationship is unique, and the work may be
short term or on-going, depending on the needs of the individual.

Its focus is primarily our relationship to ourselves,
and yet it is a situation in which we discover ourselves
through dialogue and relationship with another: the therapist.
This is an opportunity for the client to get
authentic responses from someone who is
interested in them, and yet not involved in an
everyday way, like a friend or family member might be.

Couples Work
is for two people in an intimate
relationship, who may want to explore issues
like sexuality, whether or not to start a family,
how to deal with conflict, or to better under-
stand a recurring pattern of behaviour in the

Clinical Supervision
The purpose of supervision is to assist and support the clinician
in reflecting on and learning from his or her experience with clients,
and to help in developing his or her skills and confidence, as well as
ensuring safe and ethical practice.

I offer clinical supervision to psychotherapists of
all humanistic and integrative theoretical modalities
and counsellors in practice, in training and those
considering setting up a private practice. I also
offer supervision for coaches.

I request that supervisees are either members of a
professional organisation (psychotherapy or counselling)
or are willing to become members, thereby adhering
to a code of ethics. I also request that they have,
or be ready to obtain, some form of professional liability insurance.